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Three easy steps

  1. Sign-up as a user, is free and it takes a few minute.
  2. Build your forms with our wizard.
  3. Copy and paste the code to your website.

Your form is ready to use!

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A form builder is a web tool to create easily web forms.

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Form Builder enables you to:

Create html forms, web forms, php forms, or email forms!

Copy paste no lines of code nor technical skills required.

Building forms for a website is easier than ever. If you need a email form, contact form, a feedback form, php form, html form, event registration forms, or any kind of form, you can easily create it with our builder.

Using the wizard is easy, and it guides you through several easy steps.

builder Strong Captcha stopping spam
online Intuitive wizard guiding you trough easy steps
email When submitted sends you a email
php Work with any server and hosting.
web Upload fields, attachments and picture
html Nothing to download, install or configure
free Copy paste
email form   join Contact Email Form
Compatible with
Most operating systems:
most operating systems
Most social networking:
most sites

Create easily contact forms, order and payment forms, surveys and questionares

contact formsFeedback and contact forms
Email you when submitted
contact form
order formsPayment and order forms
Accept payments online
order form
survey formsQuestionaires and pools
Get feedback and make reports
survey form

Using captcha in web forms stops spam by ensuring that only human visitors submit your form and not spam machines. Alternatively, submissions suspected to be spam are delivered to a separate email address

When the form is submitted, a "thank you" page will be displayed to visitor.

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